Monday, 27 December 2010

Girls, DO NOT always blame the boys!

There was a guy who was tired of reading his gf's msg's which always contained I LOVE U , I MISS YOU or HAVE YOU TAKEN UR MEAL ?

One night while laying on bed he received a msg from her but he didn't bother 2 read it , instead hw went to sleep ...

next day , he got a call from his gf's mom that ''HER DAUGHTER WAS RAPED AND KILLED LAST NIGHT"

he then read the msg " honey plz come here n help .. someone is following me"

- dun ignore anything from your loved ...

once otherwise one day u'll loose the one who loves u a lot -

I got this message on tagged from my friend. In my opinion lar, The girl should not bother the guy and keep asking and telling him the same thing again and again and again till the guy get bored. Not every guy like to receive a message that always contain those words and same questions everyday, and I one of these guys. If the girl not bothering the guy with those silly things at the first place, I bet the guy will read her message. Anyway, why she only send a message to her boyfriend? She doesn't have parent? or brother? or friends? Or because she want to save her credit? LOL I wonder why she must tell the same things every single day? The guy already know lar that girl love him. I seriously can't understand girls like this and when something happen, they always blame the guy. Wtf? I hope my future girl are not this type. Tired meh nak layan~ Want romantic guy? Go find Korean guy lar~

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