Sunday, 9 January 2011

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook getting shutdown? Its just hoax.

Wtf lah korang cakap facebook nak tutup plak ni. Kan guwa dah pesan, sebelum kita main passing-passing cerita macam passing bola, kita hendaklah meneliti dan mengesahkan keSOHEHannya. Didn't I tell you that before? Haish~ Guwa dapat tau jer benda ni 2hari lepas guwa terus videocam Mark Zuckerberg. Guwa tanya dia pasal benda ni face to face and guess what he said to me? ;

| Only the stupidest person in the earth will believe this hoax! Man, look at me. Hey come on, look at me. Did I look like stupid enough to shutdown my facebook just like that? NO! Okay? facebook is my life! facebook is my money! Seriously imma kill that bastard for spread this bullshit motherfucker motherfucking hoax! Afterall facebook can make muslim negligent man. |

Guwa pun balas;

| "Wowowowow! Fuck up dude? Why muslim? huh? Why muslim? Hey you're dead meat if the muslim hear this. Especially the muslim from Malaysia. They are to taksub. Nevermind that. You know what? In Malaysia, people like this we call PHD. You know PHD? Its stand for Perasaan Hasad Dengki which in english its mean The Feelings of Jealousy. They jelaous of you, you're the winner. Just relax man, chill, cool down. Always remember you're the man behind Facebook man. Don't let the hoax like this take you down. Alright? Okay I got to go, my mom call me. If anything happen, just call me back okay? |

Sebelum guwa nak disconnect dia sempat cakap;

| Hey, Kay. Thanks a lot man. I feel much better now. You are my friend hell and heaven, yes you are. |

Guwa baru nak balas dia dah disconnect. Serius macam celaka Mark Zuckerberg ni. Boleh dia cakap guwa kawan dia kat neraka dan syurga? Wtf? Anyway, mesti lu orang tak percaya cerita guwa kan? Its okay, guwa tak kisah pun. Tapi kalau lu orang was-was dengan cerita guwa lu orang boleh baca kat sini: CLICK HERE

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