Sunday, 18 April 2010

Rugby oh Rugby!

10 reasons why you should date a Rugby player.

1. We can do it 80 minutes straight in 15 different positions.
2. We're used to scoring big and taking pain.
3. We love the grass.
4. Getting sweaty and dirty is no problem.
5. Skill and moves are definite.
6. We'll play anywhere and anytime.
7. We play well with others.
8. We’re always on the top of the game.
9. We know when to take charge.
10. We also know when to play rough.

Ku abes menulis 1 coretan pada:
Pukul 4:20am Rabu 19 May 2010.

Nenek pernah berkate:
"Cu, nenek tak berape paham english, boleh terangkan?"
Err, xde ape la nek. he~ ^_^"


AsiP said...

cm knal la bnde ni

kay da_heartless™ said...

aku jumpe kat thread mane tah. ko pon ade post an? aku usha2 blog ko jumpe. ahahaa

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