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Why muslims don't like when you draw Muhammad?

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Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you)

Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

From time to time, we hear in the news that somebody made a drawing of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) and so many muslims around the world got angry, complained and didn't like it. some of you (non-muslims) may ask "Why muslims are so sensitive? it's just a drawing. it could be anyone" or "Why when we draw somebody else, no one complains and when we draw Mohammed, all Muslims don't like it?" and so many other questions. here I'll try to make it clear for those who want to know why we get angry when our prophet is drawn.

first, I want you to know that representing our prophet in art is not the real problem. we, muslims, don't draw our prophet, out of respect. because no matter how good the artist is, he can never depict the prophet like he was. so the drawing will never be faithful. so it's considered a lie about the prophet (since the drawing is different from how he really looked like). and we are not allowed to lie about our prophet. so muslims can't draw or represent the prophet (our prophet or any other prophet)
there are some muslims who have a different opinion. they think that representing the prophet is not forbidden as long as the representation is respectful and not insulting. those muslims try to make a respectful representation of the prophet(s) in their art. this can be accepted as long as it doesn't offend anyone.

now for non-muslims. we can't expect from them to respect our prophet the way we do. but what we see from time to time, is that some people depict the prophet Mohammed.
the real question is : "Why is it that all these depictions are always done for the purpose of insulting the prophet and Islam?" "why they always want to make fun of him and show him in a bad way?" "why we don't see any respectful drawings of the prophet done by non-muslims? why all of them are disrespectful?" it's obvious, all those who draw the prophet want to insult him and Islam. there is no muslim who complains about respectful drawings of the prophet. but when someone draws our prophet in a shameful way to make fun of him or link him to terrorism, making him as an ugly cartoon character or something like that, we don't like it. and we have the right no to like it. if someone insults your father, will you like it? if you love your father, you'll certainly not. then know that our prophet is dearer to us than our fathers.

We muslims don't draw and make fun of any religious symbols either ours or not. you can't find any disrespectful drawing of Jesus Christ, Moses, Buddha or any other religious person drawn by muslims. we don't make fun or insult other people's beliefs. we respect everyone's belief. and we ask the same from others: respect our belief and religious symbols.

we don't like when someone insults our beloved prophet and calls it freedom of speech. everyone is free to express his opinion considering that he/she respects the beliefs of others and doesn't offend them. most people confuse between "hate speech" and "freedom of speech". what we see in the media is hate toward Islam. those people who draw the prophet didn't even bother to read a little about him and his life. we have in Islam some very good descriptions of how the prophet looked like. and all those disgusting drawings are far from that description because those who drew them don't know anything about Islam. and when we complain, they answer that this is freedom. Is insulting others freedom? is making fun of others' beliefs freedom? is spreading hatred freedom? is spreading lies and war freedom? this is wrong. totally wrong. why? there are so many ways how you can express your opinion with others without hurting and offending them. there are so many civilized ways to disagree with others. and still letting them like you and respect you. if you want to talk about our prophet. it's fine. but don't spread baseless lies to fool people.

another thing to notice. those people who draw bad drawings to insult the prophet Mohammed, all of them share the same thing: they like to insult others when they feel weak. you may ask why I say so? it's simple, go and enter in a debate with any one of them to explain the truth and you see how low their language can go. this shows that those people are the worst of the worst (we shouldn't call them artists since an artist has a high duty and message and should spread peace and not hate)

There is one proverb that says "no one will kick a dead dog" if you are not important, nobody will bother to bring you troubles. but if you are important, people will try their best to bring you down. if Mohammed peace be upon him was not great, no one would bother to try to insult him. but since he is one of the greatest men in history (some of you may disagree about this. but let's face facts. a man who wins the hearts of more than a billion people around the world is a great man. right?). there are so many people who tried/try/will try uselessly to bring down his reputation by spreading lies and insults. this doesn't happen simply because his love is always lit in the hearts of millions of muslims around the world. those who draw insulting drawings of the prophet get some attention and hate in a short time and then they will always end up forgotten by the world. and in the end, the prophet Mohammed still keeps the same high place in the heart of those who love him. look at all great artists in history. they drew subjects far from hate. and that's what made them famous and great.

There are limits to freedom. and its limits are when you insult other people's freedom, rights and faiths. you have the right to express your opinion but without offending others. when you learn and understand this, you will be a great human being. when you insult others whenever you open your mouth, nobody will like you and nobody will listen to you seriously... as an artist, you can choose a peaceful way to spread your message and be loved by the people... or a hateful way to spread it and get hate from the people...

May God bless you,
Assalamualaikum (peace be upon you)
by fullwhitemoon

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